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Case study – solar farms

Case study – solar farms

The client is responsible for the electrical maintenance of 300 solar farms in the UK. Our customer is based in Milan, Italy and responsible for monitoring and maintaining the solar farms. The client faces an ongoing challenge to ensure that these facilities are continually maintained and fit for purpose.

Building on 30 years of operational experience in the services industry, Elite FM, was selected as the contractor of choice and utilises the following attributes to ensure the contracts ongoing success.

Flexibility and rapid mobilisation: The ability of Elite FM to rapidly mobilise its team at short notice has proven invaluable. For example, upon discovering that there was no ducting at one of the solar farms, an Elite FM team of 10 staff were called upon to retrospectively fit ducting. This was done within five hours. This rapid response prevented further degradation to the cable, in turn ensuring that the CCTV cameras remained operational.

Trust and transparency: Elite FM maximises trust and transparency by operating a fully open book approach for all overheads and profits, along with offering a ‘pain’ and ‘gain’ mechanism on request.


Delivery: Close to 10 assignments have been completed in the first month of this contract (September 2019), of which 96% have been completed on time.

Customer satisfaction: Numerous assignments across the contract have achieved a full 10/10 for customer satisfaction, while the overall performance averages 9/10. This track record of success has resulted in Elite FM securing 40% of all open tender opportunities.

Health, safety and environment: A consistent Accident Frequency Rate of zero has been achieved since the beginning of the contract, along with zero environmental incidents.

Cost savings: There has been average cost savings of 3% per assignment has been achieved for the client, thanks to Elite FM’s various efficiency incentives.