Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Elite FM offer planned and reactive maintenance solutions

  • New Installations
  • Replacement Installations
  • Site Survey

Our electrical engineers are on hand to meet the needs of our customer’s inspection and testing needs. A typical building relies on hundreds of meters of fixed electrical wires to power its lighting, appliances and heating.

Periodic checks (every five years) should be undertaken to ensure the condition of the electrical wiring. This is required by the Health and Safety Executive and insurance companies.

If inspections have not been carried out, then you could pay for a repair on an electrical installation only to discover that the repair has not worked because the mains cable is faulty. This is something we have discovered at a number of properties.

The likelihood of this happening to outside installations, such as CCTV cameras, is greatly increased as a result of cables being exposed to the weather. This means the quality of the cable degrades more quickly than internal wiring. Potential signs of wiring degradation with CCTV, include seeing little spots in the images.