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The importance of boiler servicing

The importance of boiler servicing

At Elite FM we understand how important it is for businesses to get their boilers serviced annually.

Reduce Fuel Bills

Firstly, having a boiler serviced annually will help reduce your fuel bills as the engineer will ensure that the boiler is running as efficiently as possible therefore not using excessive amounts of gas which in turn will not only reduce fuel bills but also cut your businesses carbon footprint.

Save on repairs and call outs

Elite FM believe that preventative is always better than reactive. Having planned preventative maintenance (PPM) will help you save costs in the long run as during a boiler service the gas engineer can spot any potential faults that may arise and can rectify any minor problems which save money on call outs to repair the boiler once issues materialise.

Keep Staff Happy

Keeping staff happy is at the top of almost every manager’s list and what better way to keep your staff morale and productivity high than providing them with a warm work environment. As we enter the cold winter months it is important to ensure your office is warm.

Health and Safety

Having a faulty boiler can have detrimental impacts on people’s health. In 2011 around 4,000 people went to A&E with carbon dioxide poisoning due to leaking boilers, 200 people are hospitalised and on average 50 adults and children die. This statistic provided by the government emphasises how important it is to have your boiler serviced annually as during the service the gas engineer will pick up on any potential issues that may arise and repair any leaks that are identified. Also it is a legal requirement that all gas installations are deemed safe to use and that a gas certificate is issued.