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Innovation in cleaning

Innovation in cleaning


Most people would not regard the cleaning industry as being “high tech”, but with the emergence of intelligent machinery, programmes and systems – it is going that way. Here we explore how innovative companies such as Elite FM are using technology to breathe new life into the industry, and in turn improve quality, reduce customer spend and protect the environment.

Automated machinery
Smart solutions are revolutionising all types of industries and cleaning is no different. Products like carpet washers and scrubber-dryers, which were once the reserve of professionals, have now made their way into households, and the technology is improving all the time. At Elite FM, our automated machines are able to map out routes and log them for the next clean. Some are even able to put themselves back on charge when they run low on battery.

Monitoring systems
Innovation in cleaning is by no means limited to machinery on the front line. A host of behind the scenes technologies underpin our commitment to quality management, by allowing us to manage our equipment remotely. For example, with our smart devices, we can set up a secure geo-fence, which means that our helpdesk operatives are immediately notified when a machine is removed from its designated area. We can also track the devices electricity usage and any performance issues.

Whether it is investing in water saving technology, offering a full range of chemical free solutions or implementing a robust environmental management system, Elite FM will always look to purchase eco-friendly products and goods.

Going forwards
These are just some of the innovative trends the cleaning industry is adopting. At Elite FM, we are determined to continue driving change by responding to the latest cleaning technology. Elite FM have 30 years’ experience in the services industry and employ an experienced team to keep up with the latest developments in cleaning. We are continually looking to work more efficiently, more effectively, more hygienically and with more focus on protecting the environment.