CCTV Maintenance

CCTV Maintenance





Elite FM can carry out servicing of your CCTV system annually as part of a maintenance contract or as a one-off service visit. Our fully trained engineers will prepare a report detailing their findings along with any suggestions to improve system performance.

As part of our maintenance contract if your CCTV System develops a fault, an engineer’s visit will be arranged as soon as possible. If you are under a maintenance contract the cost of a call-out is charged at a lower rate than if you were a non-contract customer.

What is checked during a service?

:: The picture quality of each camera and monitor

:: Look for signs of condensation on housing windows

:: Check all controllable functions for each station e.g. pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, speed, auto-pan, wiper, pre-sets etC

:: Operation of recorder (s) i.e. record and replay

:: Retention time of recorded images meets the As-fitted document (record the retention time)

:: Operation of special equipment such as video multiplexers, date and time generators

:: Any interfaces with alarms e.g. movement alarms, fences etc

:: Indications function correctly

:: Check camera movement and field of view is free from obstruction, trees etc

:: All warning labels are in place (e.g. movement, voltage, laser emissions etc)

:: Check that external, flexible cables are properly supported and undamaged

:: Examine all metalwork especially towers and brackets, for signs of corrosion and damage

:: Check glands and seals on external equipment

:: Check all external and internal flexible wiring for signs of wear and fraying

:: Check all fixed and flexible conduit for signs of damage

:: Check the function of supplementary lighting, including IR and photocells

:: Check the integrity of all supports including cables